Hi and Welcome!

My name is Zoé Leandra and I’m a freelance 2D Artist and Scrum Master currently located in Berlin, Germany.

I work full time as a Agile Coach and L&D Consultant and as a 2D artist in my free time.

My Homepage is for my Artist-being mostly, to find more about me as a Agile Consultant, please visit My LinkedIn

I’m much interested in full time employment positions, contract and freelance work.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact me at zoe.leandra@gmail.com

You can also view my Artist CV here for more details about my education and whereabouts.

My CV as a Scrum Master can be viewed here.

To view my Diploma for Game Art at Games Academy-click here

To view my Diploma for Game Design at Games Academy click here

To view my Diploma for Animation at Vancouver Film School click here

For more about me feel free to check out an interview for Deutschland.de (in english) and Games Academy Artist Interview (in german)